Who we are

Present since 1983

Service Global Fashion is a company located in Italy, close to Malpensa Airport which operates in clothing from over 30 years and in the last 10 years it produces and commercializes business uniform for 
funeral home, bus and coach companies and more…

To date, thanks to the innovative services we offer, we have become a point of reference for over 1000 companies in Italy and we are looking for expand our market also abroad.

Our strength is in the stock: we have a warehouse with over 30.000 articles in prompt delivery and our items are branded “LIMOV’S”. Our mission is to guarantee our customers the continuity of the items, the care for details, the quality of the manufacture and constantly research of materials suitable for the needs of the companies like yours.

Professional workwear

Service Global Fashion was established in 1983 and since then produces and comercializes workwear.
The warehouse is located close to Malpensa Airport and all the items are branded LIMOV’S.

The long experience has made the company a solid reality with over 1,300 clients in Italy.

In addition to the items in stock, Service Global Fashion produces personalized clothing, upon specific customer request (for example fabric, composition, texture of the fabrics etc.)

The care in the wear ability of the models, the quality of the fabrics and the constant commitment of the company make Service Global Fashion an Italian excellence.